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Not just a PHOTOgrapher, but developing as a VIDEOgrapher

The current project that I am working on, is a year long look at what happens on a farm over 12 months. In this, I am revisiting a time on my life where I don't remember (as I was 2 yrs old) and have seen pictures of me on my Grandparents farm. In an effort to better understand what goes on so that we can have beef products on our plates I am following the farm through 2023, it is hoped that I can get a better understanding of the work that farmers, today, undertake.

Most DSLR's have a video function on them, however, as a photographer it is something that I was "scared" to use as I didn't understand. The idea of planning a video and dealing with sound, story, subject, among others, was daunting at first. But. Once I started to experiment and found out a little more about the process, I began to enjoy the whole process.

I started off by just recording everyday stuff and trying to put together some sort of short video. More as a way of learning how to use the camera as a video camera. As you can imagine, the initial efforts were not very good. With issues like shaky footage, poor sound quality and not really telling any sort of story.

Over the months, and with hours of online tutorials watched, I decided to download a video editing programme to help enhance the videos that I was making. While Premier Pro, by Adobe, was the most popular among video makers, I decided to go for a programme called Davinci Resolve. The reason for this was it was a FREE download, whereas Premier Pro is a monthly subscription, and was an "easier" platform to understand.

That was mainly because all the individual components that are required to make a video, (libraries, transitions, effects, subtitles, etc.) are all included in the programme. Whereas In Premier Pro, you have to use separate programmes (After Effects, Media Encoder among others) to be able to replicate the same things.

Having everything in one place made it simple to understand and the layout on the bottom of the screen. Plus where all the different stages of production are you have access to everything you need in that section and saves time looking for the right tool to use

As this project is a year long look into the farming industry, it gave me an opportunity to use the video skills I have to be able to add something extra, and different, to my arsenal for moving forward. Have a look at the video below and let me know what you think.

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