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"I don't like my photo taken"

"I don't like my photo taken"

The KEY for me as a photographer to get the best out of YOU, is to make you feel as relaxed as possible And that is something that I come across every time I take a portrait of someone. And do you know what my answer is?

Think of it as having a laugh with a friend with no pressure on you to be "perfect". If the thought of travelling to a studio, an unfamiliar environment, makes you uncomfortable. Then lets go to a place where you ARE comfortable.

Starting off with some casual chat to find out a little more about you, I am able to pull on my vast experience in talking people from all walks of life. So much so that any session can be tailored to suit how YOU feel.

It could be a local green space, like the image below.

Or perhaps a local gym.

Either way, whatever environment that makes you feel comfortable is the best environment for you. PLUS with all the images with plain coloured backdrops, why not go for something different.

Next time you think about having your Profesional Headshot taken, why not consider something different to what everyone else is doing. This is also known as an Environmental Portrait as it shows you in the environment that you are comfortable in. PLUS it also gives the aura of you being in command of the environment that you are in.

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