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Embarking on my Final Major Project - and subsequent exhibition

Updated: Apr 26

In Semester 1 (September to December 2022) I had to submit a Blueprint of Practice submission to be able to research a project which I would then photograph in Semester 2 (January - May 2023). The project would form part of a Degree show that the class would hold in June 2023 and would last for 1 week. (Dates to be confirmed soon!!!)

The project I have chosen will focus on the Farm to Fork principle of what goes into supplying meat for human consumption from raising the cattle on a farm, to the slaughter process, and ending with the butchering of the animal into different cuts of meat. As well as the products that they make. I fully expect the project to develop in a way that I have not envisaged just yet, as there will be a lot of discussions with the participants that I have selected to ensure that they are comfortable with what I am showing.

This will be important for several reasons. The first is that I want the businesses that I work with to be able to trust me in being able to represent them in a favourable manner. Moving forward, after graduation, my ambition is to be able to earn a living from photography so working closely with businesses and having them tell their friends about me, would be a big step in trying to establish myself.

The second, and equally as important as the first, is to ensure that there are no repercussions for the businesses involved. From my research into the submission, there are groups who are against the slaughtering of animals for food and housing animals in enclosures for example, who may try to disrupt the businesses day to day life. That is one outcome that I do NOT want this project to be associated with. The underlying aim is to show those who are not involved in the industry the care and attention that the animals get all for the benefit of meat eaters.

This body of work follows on from a project that I completed in my 2nd year where I looked into the steps that are taken by a farmer to extract milk from cows, prior to sending the stored milk onto a processing plant, where it transformed into the milk that we see in Supermarkets and corner shops up around the world.

Why don't you follow me and my journey into this critical exploration of the industry to gain a better understanding as to what it take to have meat on our dinner tables.

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