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BREAKING NEWS: I'm photographing at the UCI WORLD Championships

Word got to me this past week that I got selected to help at the UCI World Championships in aid of World Bicycle Relief and I'm so excited. Especially as it is the first big event since gaining my Photography BA (Hons).

Group of people in an under privileged world riding bicycles through the charity
World Bicycle Relief Banner Image

The opportunity arose when one of my connections on the platform LinkedIn, shared a post saying that volunteers were needed to help out in the Fan Parks at the upcoming World Championships in Glasgow in August. And having some time free during the events, I decided to apply.

Once completing the Volunteer application form, and hearing word back that I had been successful in gaining a spot, I attended an informal briefing that explained the role that I, and the other volunteers, would be carrying out. As well as where I will be situated.

Why am I so excited to be photographing an event for FREE?

The difficult thing for me, where I live, is getting the experience and portfolio of work together to be able to confidently "show off what I can do". Plus, it is also a great way of being able to give back to a cause that is doing good in the world.

Firstly, it is an opportunity for me to network in the environment that I am so passionate about. Shooting people.

The ability to interact with the general public in a way that will show the organisation of the Fan Zone. Not knowing who I will bump into, or speak to in the zones, is something that is a little scary. An opportunity to broaden my horizons and mix with people that I don't come into contact with on a daily, or weekly basis, opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Secondly, it is about giving back to a cause.

The skills that I have are often overlooked when organisations are interacting with the public at events that they hold. From a business point of view, it is all about getting your name linked to a certain product. So, when someone needs a product/service that you offer, you become the "go to person", and charities are no different.

At a time where EVERYONE is struggling, charities very often are the first to have their income cut. Income that is doing a great amount of work that we are not seeing, so do't really care about.

To find out more, or become involved, check out their website,

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