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And the Winner is..........

Recently, I was at Queen of the South Football Club in Dumfries for their annual Shirt Sponsorship Draw. Being a small community Club it is imperative that the club involves the local fans as much as possible to be able to sustain a profitable club. And this is one way, by offering sponsorship opportunities for local business.

Essentially, each business pays a fee to be represented in the club draw, with the top prize of being the team shirt sponsor for the forth coming season. And the 2023/2024 draw was the eagerly anticipated with over 170 local business all desperate to see their names on the front of the teams shirts next season.

Fans eager to see who the new sponsor will be

So what was my role in the evening?

My role was to capture the selection of the winning Company. As well as all the other winners on the night, who all received varying levels of publicity for their business as a reward for investing in the club. With a mixture of business owners and fans present, Team Manager Marvin Bartley had the HUGE responsibility of selecting the winning sponsor.

And the winning business was a BLIND MAN.

Not that he couldn't see, but Blinds by Mark McGowan, based in Dumfries. (

Manager Marvin Bartley with the winning Business name

Once the draw was complete, the fans that had turned up had a change to meet the Manager, as well as having their footballs signed. Overall, it was a great night and a great opportunity for the businesses to support the club and build relationships with each other to help strengthen the links in this area.

Young fans getting the Managers autograph

If your event gives back to the community, or is for a good cause, then get in touch with me and I can help your business gain more traction by showcasing the best of what you do.

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