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My Story

Late to the Party

Growing up with a speech impediment after a going through a traumatic experience at a young age, it has always been difficult for me to socialise in unfamiliar settings. Even around friends and family, sometimes the stammer appears. Because of this, the self confidence that I had through my teenage and early adulthood years didn't allow me to be like everyone else.

As a result, when in group situations I would always be "the quiet one". Part afraid to speak and partly just observing how others were reacting. It wasn't until I began photography in my mid 30's that I found the inner confidence to be able to speak to strangers. As I began developing my skills, and asking friends if they would like a photoshoot with me, I slowly realised that having a camera around my neck somehow reduced my anxiety when speaking.

All of the jobs I have had, have included dealing with the public face to face. With one job as a telephone operator for a Directory Enquiry provider. So speaking to up to 400 people a day, albeit for 1 minute was a great test for me to develop my confidence in speaking. It was this confidence that I knew how to do my job that enabled me to be grow confident in speaking. Thus leading to where I am today


Specialising in Social Documentary photography, I spend time in an environment to ensure that the best images are captured that helps tell the story of what is photographed. Having spent 30 years in customer facing roles, my range of skills in talking to anyone is one of strong points. 


As is my interest in getting to know more about them, and the things that they are doing which raises the enjoyment factor for me. Which in return, by taking an interest in what the person has said to me, I am able to build an instant rapore with them which puts then in a comfortable place around me, which results in getting the best images that help in telling the story of the event.

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